Link Download 15 Romantic Songs

15 romantic songs :

1- B.Boys: As Long as you Love me

2- J.Bieber: Baby

3- M.Bolton: Can I touch you there

4- B.Adams: Everything I Do

5- L.Richie: Hello

6- Enrique: Hero

7- AeroSmith: I dont wanna miss a thing

8- S.Wonder: I just Call to say I LOVE YOU

9- M.Loaf: I’d do anything for LOVE

10- Celina: My HEART will go on

11- G.Medeiros: Nothing’s gonna change my LOVE

12- Elton: Sacrifice

13 – Enrique: Tonite Im Luving You

14- West Life: My LOVE

15- Boyzone: Words$


Sumber : Pesan BBM

Penulis : Anonymous, dari berbagai situs sepertinya.. hoho


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